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  • The Classpath

    Before we begin – I really feel like “The Class Path” ought to be the name of a TNG episode. Perhaps something to suggest to the TNG_S8 twitter account.


    There comes a point in every java program’s lifetime wh…

  • Close Quietly (with no exception)

    A post about closing resources in Java. First though, an aside.

    “Is it a good idea for destructors to throw?”

    – Common C++ interview question

    A quick bit of code can show us.

    #include <iostream>

  • Object Creation Patterns #2 : Everybody’s building

    The right time to build

    We’ve talked at length about the costs of builders, and yet… they persist. I can think of at least three examples from popular java libraries that work well:

    Hamcrest’s Description
    Java’s own Str…

  • Object Creation Patterns #1 : Factory beats Builder

    Well, really, this should be obvious. My mental image of factories is the Toyota plant; an efficient production line of high tech robots automatically executing specialized constructive tasks as part of a well honed process (perhaps with a nearby overs…

  • Haskell’s benevolent influence

    without even a mention of the ‘M’ word

    One of the things that attracted me to SPA 2013 was the Neural Net workshop on the Sunday. It turned out to be even better than I hoped; although we didn’t get quite as far as we could have do…

  • A laziness trick to relax your code

    So, this week on Distilled Derivatives, some more laziness. And also, exceptions. Everyone loves them, really useful things for letting you move error handling into a single location that they are. Now and again though, their misuse can really get in t…

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