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  • Improving journalling latency

    For the last few months at LMAX Exchange, we’ve been working on building out our next generation platform. Every few years we refresh our hardware and upgrade the machines that run our systems, and this time we decided to have a look at upgrading the o…

  • JAX Finance talks

    My colleague Sam & I will be talking at JAX Finance next week (28th/29th April).I’ll be doing a talk with Vijay from Azul on our experiences at LMAX with deploying Zing to production. In the talk, we’ll discuss how to go about making such a change …

  • Performance Testing at LMAX (Part Three)

    In my last post, I focussed on how to go about analysing your application’s inbound traffic in order to create a simulation for performance testing. One part of the analysis was determining how long to leave between each simulated message, and we saw t…

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