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  • BOE Decision – Thoughts and Insights

    The Bank of England is out with its latest policy decision today and the market will be tuning in to see what comes of the event risk. We don’t believe there should be much room for fireworks from the BOE, with the central bank expected to leave policy on hold. Audio update Tags #Carney #BOE […]

  • Fed Decision – Thoughts and Insights

    It’s been over a decade since the financial markets crisis of 2008 and yet, here we stand today, still waiting for the full effect of that crisis to work through the system. This of course has a lot to do with the emergency central bank and government response to the crisis, an unprecedented injection of […]

  • Brexit Update: Why the Pound is Rallying

    All of this outperformance in the Pound of late and yet no real clarity. We thought it would be a good idea to give a quick overview, to help make sense of things and perhaps reconcile this renewed demand for what has been a beaten down currency over the past several months. Audio update Tags […]

  • Fed Minutes Preview

    Later today the Fed will release the Minutes of the latest meeting, which proved to be an important one, as it had the Fed bending to the pressures of both domestic and international forces, that were screaming out to put the brakes on the policy normalization process. Audio update Tags #Fed #FOMC #FX

  • BOE Super Thursday Preview

    It’s BOE Super Thursday and the central bank will be out with its latest policy decision that also includes the Minutes and inflation report. The BOE isn’t expected to make any changes to rates and overall, the consensus is that there isn’t a whole lot of flexibility here, as the uncertainty of Brexit continues to […]

  • US Jobs Report Preview

    You’d have to look back well over a year to find a spot where the US jobs report carried some real influence on market direction. There are two primary explanations that help reconcile this phenomenon. We break it down in today’s preview of the event risk. Audio update Tags #jobs

  • Fed Decision – Thoughts and Insights

    Later today, we get the first Fed decision of the year, followed by a presser in which Jerome Powell will be grilled on the central bank’s outlook. While we expect there to be short term volatility around the event, ultimately, as far as live decisions go, this shouldn’t be one that rocks the boat too […]

  • The State of Brexit and GBP Outlook

    As much as the market is worried about the prospect of no deal Brexit, we think this tail risk has already been priced accordingly, leaving the Pound in a much better position to outperform over the medium to longer term. Audio update Tags #brexit

  • ECB Decision – Balance of Risk

    The European Central Bank decision is due and the market will be watching closely to see what comes of the always anticipated event. Heading in, there has been a lot of talk about a more dovish and downbeat leaning tone, in light of a recent run of softer economic data and worrying downside risks to […]

  • Brexit Vote – What to Expect

    The UK House of Commons meaningful vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal is scheduled to kick off at 7pm London time. Heading into the vote, it’s widely expected that May’s deal will be rejected, with the point of focus more about the margin of defeat. Still, we think there is an even bigger risk that […]

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