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Global economic events

Keep up to date with the high impact economic calendar events for the current week, along with the key currency pairs to watch

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This week’s upcoming economic events

This page offers market makers, asset managers, institutional investors and professional traders a snapshot overview of the high impact economic calendar events for the current week, along with the key currency pairs to watch.

Pricing France Election Risk, BOJ and ECB Policy Decisions

Currency traders have been less focused on economic data and it will continue to be this way, with the market taking the early week to digest the impact of the first round of the France election. Geopolitical risk, UK election headlines, global equities and additional insight into US policy will also be on the minds of foreign exchange market participants. But as far as possible market moving data goes this week, the standouts are Germany IFO, Aussie CPI, Canada retail sales, BOJ decision, ECB decision, US durable goods, UK GDP, Canada GDP and US GDP. As far as currency pairs to watch, keep an eye on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURCHF, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD, XAUUSD, SPX500, USDSGD, EURJPY, GBPJPY and EURGBP.

Monday 24/04/2017

Most of Monday will be about digesting the impact of the weekend result of the first round of the France election. The only data of note is Germany IFO.

First Round France Election Result

Germany IFO - Expectations

Previous: 105.7, Expected: 106

UK CBI Industrial Trends Survey - Orders (MoM)

Previous: 8, Expected: 5

Canada Wholesale Sales (MoM)

Previous: 3.3%

US Chicago Fed National Activity Index

Previous: 0.34

Currency pairs to watch


Tuesday 25/04/2017

Tuesday isn't a busy day on the calendar with only US new home sales really capable of moving the market a bit.

UK Public Sector Net Borrowing

Previous: £1.1B, Expected: £1.5B

US S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices (YoY)

Previous: 5.7%, Expected: 5.7%

US Housing Price Index (MoM)

Previous: 0.0%

US New Home Sales (MoM)

Previous: 0.592M, Expected: 0.582M

Currency pairs to watch


Wednesday 26/04/2017

Not a lot of data out on Wednesday but what we do get is meaningful with Aussie CPI and Canada retail sales both capable of moving markets.

Australia Consumer Price Index (YoY)

Previous: 1.5%, Expected: 1.2%

Canada Retail Sales (MoM)

Previous: 2.2%

Currency pairs to watch


Thursday 27/04/2017

Thursday's calendar is stacked with the major standouts coming from the BOJ and ECB decisions, German CPI and US durable goods.

Japan BoJ Interest Rate Decision

Previous: -0.1%, Expected: -0.1%

Germany Gfk Consumer Confidence Survey

Previous: 9.8, Expected: 9.9

Eurozone Consumer Confidence

Previous: -3.6, Expected: -3.6

Eurozone Economic Sentiment Indicator

Previous: 107.9, Expected: 108.1

Eurozone ECB Interest Rate Decision

Previous: 0.0%, Expected: 0.0%

Germany Consumer Price Index (YoY)

Previous: 1.6%, Expected: 1.9%

US Initial Jobless Claims

Previous: 244k, Expected: 241k

US Goods Trade Balance

Previous: -.8B

US Durable Goods Orders

Previous: 1.7%, Expected: 1.2%

US Pending Home Sales (MoM)

Previous: 5.5%, Expected: -0.2%

Currency pairs to watch


Friday 28/04/2017

Friday is all about growth data with GDP releases out from the UK, Canada and US.

Australia Trade Balance (MoM)

Previous: -M

Australia Producer Price Index (YoY)

Previous: 0.7%

Germany Retail Sales (MoM)

Previous: 1.8%, Expected: -0.3%

UK Gross Domestic Product (QoQ)

Previous: 0.7%, Expected: 0.4%

Eurozone Consumer Price Index (YoY)

Previous: 1.5%, Expected: 1.8%

Canada Gross Domestic Product (MoM)

Previous: 0.6%

US Core Personal Consumption Expenditures (QoQ)

Previous: 1.3%

US Gross Domestic Product Annualized

Previous: 2.1%

US Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index

Previous: 98, Expected: 98

Currency pairs to watch


Global Economic Calendar Less Important to Currency Traders

Week of April the 17th, 2017 - There is no question that when it comes to assessing the most important risk in financial markets right now, the global economic calendar has taken a back seat. Currency traders are much more focused on broader macro themes which include geopolitical risk, French elections, Brexit negotiations and headlines out of the White House. All of these things are impacting direction much more than any data release and this is expected to continue to be the case going forward. read more

Broader Macro Themes More Important than Economic Calendar

Week of April the 10th, 2017 - There is a nice distribution of first tier economic data and event risk on the calendar this week for currency traders. Some of the major highlights include a Fed Yellen speech, UK inflation, UK employment, a Bank of Canada decision, Aussie employment, US CPI and US retail sales. read more

Second Quarter Kicks Off - RBA Decision, US NFPs Highlight Week

Week of April the 3rd, 2017 - The FX market is still trying to figure out the next big move and whether or not it will result in a drop or rally in the US Dollar. Into the new week, the US Dollar has regained some momentum, particularly against the Euro, as US data continues to look solid, the ECB lets the market know it may have been too aggressive pricing ECB policy reversal, and on post Article 50 EURGBP selling. read more

Economic Calendar Builds as Week Progresses

Week of March the 27th, 2017 - The economic calendar gets off to a slow start this week and currency traders will be mostly focused on broader themes early on. President Trump's failure to get the healthcare bill passed on Friday was viewed as a failure by the market as it could further delay the implementation of market supportive, US Dollar supportive policies that had been priced in on Trump's victory. Into the middle of the week, we get that triggering of Article 50, which will officially put the EU on notice of the UK exit process. read more

Will the UK PM Trigger Article 50 this Week?

Week of March the 20th, 2017 - This week's economic calendar isn't terribly busy and it's likely that most of currency traders' focus will be on broader macro themes. Global risk sentiment will be front and centre as the foreign exchange market considers the outlook for the US economy with President Trump at the helm, the prospects for Brexit as PM May gets set to trigger Article 50 and the impact of yield differentials, with the Fed moving towards higher rates. read more

Fed, BOJ and BOE Monetary Policy Decisions Due

Week of March the 13th, 2017 - A light economic calendar to start the week will have the market continuing to digest the latest solid employment report out of the US. Though the data beat expectations, the fact that this is how the market was positioned, opened a sell the US Dollar on the fact reaction. And so, much of the focus this week will be on the Fed rate decision, where the central bank is widely expected to go ahead with another hike. read more

FX Market Waiting on Big Friday Jobs Report

Week of March the 6th, 2017 - There is plenty of economic data and event risk out this week, including Reserve Bank of Australia and European Central Bank policy decisions. But most of the volatility for the week might not come until the very end, with everyone waiting on the results of the monthly employment report out of the US. The Fed has set the stage for a rate hike in March and the market has responded, pricing in a near certainty for the event. read more

Currency Tradings Waiting for Clarity

Week of February the 27th, 2017 - The FX market is still trying to figure out its next big move, with the US Dollar trading up and down but not really committing to any direction at this point. Currency traders are waiting for more clarity on Trump policies and the Fed outlook and are also thinking about Brexit and European elections. The economic calendar has been less market moving in 2017 thus far, but looking at the major standouts, we get US durable goods, US GDP, a Bank of Canada interest rate decision, German employment data, Eurozone CPI and a Yellen speech late in the week. read more

FX Calendar Takes Backseat to Broader Themes

Week of February the 20th, 2017 - Currency traders will be less focused on the economic calendar this week as broader global macro themes and flow dominate price action. President Trump and the US administration's policies are still unknown and more clarity will be required to jolt FX in one direction or another. Will Trump deliver on US Dollar supportive policies of tax cuts and fiscal spending, expected to be unveiled in the days ahead? Will Trump spend more time focusing on protectionist policies that favour a weaker US Dollar? Will the Fed show more signs of wanting to move on rates in March? And will the US equity market run higher or falter? read more

US Dollar Trying to Make a Comeback

Week of February the 13th, 2017 - US Dollar Trying to Make a Comeback read more

Week of February the 13th, 2017 - Foreign exchange traders will get a medium dose of economic data this week, though broader flows and themes will continue to play a larger part in volatility. Up until last week, 2017 had been dominated by a negative US Dollar sentiment on Trump protectionist policy talk and expectations the Fed would not be as hawkish this year. But we have since seen Trump talk about big announcements on tax reform and Fed members still talking hawkish. read more

Forex Market Readies for Active Week in Asia

Week of February the 6th, 2017 - Currency traders will likely take advantage of a lighter Monday calendar to reflect on weekend developments out of the White House, to see if President Trump has said anything market moving, particularly relating to protectionism, which has been a source of investor tension. The FX market will also continue to digest the implications of this latest US monthly employment report and what kind of change, if any, it has on the Fed's monetary policy trajectory. read more

Trump, Fed, NFPs and More

Week of January the 30th, 2017 - FX market participants have received a healthy dose of politics these past few weeks, with the Donald Trump Presidency having a major impact on the US Dollar, while ongoing Brexit developments have been influencing the Pound. Politics won't be going away in the weeks ahead, but economic data and central bank risk will be yet another thing to think about this week. read more

Fed Trajectory and Global Politics

Week of January the 23rd, 2017 - Currency traders are seeing the US Dollar under pressure in 2017 and many of these fx market participants are now wondering if the pullback in the US Dollar is the start to a more significant reversal in what has been a longer-term US Dollar uptrend or if this pullback is nothing more than a technical correction before US Dollar supportive themes reassert. read more

Central Bank Risk and Major First Tier Data

Week of January the 16th, 2017 - While this week's economic calendar gets off to a slow start Monday, things pick up quite a bit for the remainder of the week. At the moment, currency traders are still trying to figure out what the story is with the US Dollar. read more

Yellen Highlights This Week's Calendar

Week of January the 9th, 2017 - The forex market is caught in a battle right now with currency traders unsure which way things will fall out. Right now, many of the active market participants including algos, model funds, quants, discretionary traders, buy siders, corporates and sell siders are all waiting to see if this US Dollar sell off is going to develop into something more or if it is only a minor correction within an uptrend that is still quite strong. read more

Currency Traders Kick off 2017

Week of January the 2nd, 2017 - While many currency traders may have felt 2016 was the year of the US Dollar, it really wasn't, with the Buck only tracking higher against half of the more developed currencies. It's true, the US Dollar did outperform against the Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc and Australian Dollar read more

Market Set to Close 2017 in Consolidation

Week of December the 28th, 2016 - The economic calendar is exceptionally thin in this final week of trade for the year and currency traders aren't likely to be too busy between Christmas and New Year's. There is no major first tier economic data to speak of and we could be in for some profit taking in the final days. The US Dollar has enjoyed a very nice run and players like HFTs and other buy siders may be looking to square up. read more

US Data to Shed Further Light on Legitimacy of Fed Timeline

Week of December the 19th, 2016 - Currency traders will be looking at a quiet start to the week on the economic calendar front, though the economic data does pick up into the middle of the week. We also get an important Bank of Japan policy decision on Monday, which could inspire volatility in an oversold Yen. Algos and banks have been selling the Yen aggressively and there is a feeling this trade could soon grow tired. read more

Fed Finally Ready for First and Last Hike of 2016

Week of December the 12th, 2016 - This is arguably the final full trading week of the year before traders begin to head off the desks until the second week in 2017. It won't matter what type of currency trader your are; institutional, retail, corporate, sell-side, buy-side, hedge fund, quant fund, system fund, algo fund and so on. Anyone trading markets will be very interested to see what comes from the Federal Reserve interest rate decision in which the Fed is finally expected to raise rates 25 basis points and resume its normalisation process. read more

Italian Referendum and ECB Policy Decision Highlight the Week

Week of December the 5th, 2016 - The calendar will be swirling with event risk and first tier economic data for currency traders this week. Buy siders, sell siders, corporates and retail traders will all be curious to see what comes of the Italian referendum on Monday and this could set the tone for a very important European Central Bank decision later in the week. Other important interest rate decisions this week come out of Australia and Canada with the RBA and BoC scheduled. read more

Final US Employment Report Before Anticipated December Fed Decision

Week of November the 28th, 2016 - We are heading into December this week and all of the focus from currency traders will be on the Fed and this widely expected December interest rate hike. But before we get there, market participants will need to take in a healthy batch of economic data around the globe, which features German inflation and retail sales, Canada GDP, US GDP, manufacturing PMIs from many regions, and of course the US monthly employment report. read more

Quiet Calendar Week Leaves Focus on Broader Themes

Week of November the 21st, 2016 - The economic calendar is rather subdued this week and this will leave the market focused on the broader macro themes of risk sentiment, the direction in Fed policy, Eurozone politics and more on the Trump administration. US equities are back to record highs, while at the same time, we have seen a massive rotation into the US Dollar as yield differentials continue to warn about the Fed's more immediate path to higher rates. read more

US Economic Data to Further Confirm Fed Hike

Week of November the 14th, 2016 - Most of the important economic data out this week is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday, with the other days considerably lighter in terms of what they have to offer. Some of the big ones this week are US retail sales and CPI, German GDP and ZEW and UK retail sales. read more

US Election - Status Quo or Market Mayhem

Week of November the 7th, 2016 - It isn't the busiest of economic calendars this week by any stretch. But it seems that will be just fine for currency traders, with the foreign exchange market to be very busy digesting the implications from the US election. read more

End of Month Flow, US Elections, Rates and Data

Week of October the 31st, 2016 - There is a lot of tension around the possibility of a Fed rate hike in December and all of this is making for a volatile week of trade for currency traders. The foreign exchange market has been rather quiet of late, but we will get some end of month flows and pre-election jitters as we kick off the month of November. The big fear is that with monetary policy exhausted around the globe and the Fed still looking to normalise policy, it will trigger a mass exodus and rotation out of risk assets, all through a tiny one door exit. We should get more colour from the Fed when it meets this week, while other central banks are also scheduled to meet as well. read more

Macro Themes Take Spotlight Away from Data

Week of October the 24th, 2016 - Currency traders will probably be paying more attention to broader themes in the foreign exchange market this week, with the economic calendar not as busy as it usually is. We definitely get a healthy dose of releases, though most aren't expected to be big market movers. Of all the data due this week, Aussie inflation, UK GDP, US durable goods and US GDP are the major standouts. read more

Australia Data, BoC and ECB Highlight Weekly Calendar

Week of October the 18th, 2016 - Foreign exchange traders will have a nice amount of economic data and event risk to take in this week, and with the markets trading where they are right now, it could very well be an important week of price action. EURUSD has come under pressure of late and could be threatening a break of a multi month range trade. As far as big Eurozone events go this week, it's the European Central Bank decision on Thursday that will be the primary focus. There's plenty of economic data out of Australia that will be interesting to watch, with Aussie employment readings standing out. read more

Brexit, Fed Timing and Systemic Risk

Week of October the 10th, 2016 - At present, the big focus for currency traders in the foreign exchange market is the flash crash in the Pound and how much more downside there is to see after quantitative, algo types were rumoured to be behind last Friday's price action. Sterling is extended across the board, with notable setbacks against both the US Dollar and Euro. Otherwise, the market will likely get back to focusing on the Fed and US economic data for further hints into the timing of the next rate hike. This week's major standouts in terms of this will be the Fed Minutes, US retail sales and a Fed speech from Fed Chair Yellen late in the week. read more

Yellen, Draghi and More

Week of September the 26th, 2016 - The currency market is looking for more guidance with trade still mostly confined to consolidation. Market participants aren't sure what to make of these latest central bank policy decisions and will be looking for more colour this week when the likes of Fed Yellen, ECB Draghi, SNB Jordan, BOJ Kuroda, RBA Lowe and other central bankers get up to offer their latest take on the policy and interest rate outlook. read more

A Week Stacked with Central Bank Event Risk

Week of September the 19th, 2016 - Foreign exchange traders could be in for a very busy and volatile week that is absolutely stacked with central bank event risk. Of course, the big events of the week are Wednesday's Bank of Japan and Federal Reserve decisions. read more

FX Trading Gets Interesting in September

Week of September the 12th, 2016 - The market is getting very interesting for currency traders in September, with the US Dollar potentially getting set for another big upleg as the Federal Reserve starts to slant to the more hawkish side. Global equities have come under intense pressure as central bankers talk about the limitations of monetary policy and this could continue to weigh on risk going forward. read more

Central Bank Decisions Highlight Calendar Week

Week of September the 5th, 2016 - The long holiday weekend in the US and Canada will leave the market trading on thinner volumes to kick off the week, and most of the early price action will be driven off fallout from Friday's softer US employment report which had currency traders lightening up long US Dollar exposure on the back of scaled back Federal Reserve rate hike bets. read more

Yellen Digested, Currency Traders Prepare for US NFPs

Week of August the 29th, 2016 - The economic calendar for the week gets off to a slow start before ramping up into the mid-week and then closing out with a bang as foreign exchange traders get the latest US NFP results. The main standouts on this week's calendar are US ADP employment, the Canada Gross Domestic Product, Australia retail sales, manufacturing PMIs around the globe and the US monthly employment report. But initially, sell siders, buy siders, model funds, corporates and retail traders will take time figuring out what the implications are from this latest Fed Chair Yellen speech at the Jackson Hole Symposium. Is the Fed on course for another rate hike in 2016? read more

Central Banks, Economic Data and Currency Direction

Week of August the 15th, 2016 - A good portion of the FX market is out for summer holidays, but this won't stop currencies from moving in a healthy economic calendar week. Recent policy decisions out of Australian and New Zealand will be put to the test as important Aussie and kiwi data is digested. UK traders will be watching closely as well, with the Pound back to those +30 year lows and likely to move on inflation and retail sales readings. read more

RBNZ Decision, US Retail Sales Highlight Quiet Summer Week in Currency Markets

Week of August the 8th, 2016 - The market looks to be reverting to summer volume mode, with many currency traders off the desks for holiday. Wherever you look, traders are taking time off to recharge. Retail traders, algos, model funds, sell siders, buy siders and corporates. Certainly, if there were a week to take off, this would be the one, with the economic calendar relatively light throughout. read more

Manufacturing PMIs, RBA and BOE Decisions and US NFPs

Week of August the 1st, 2016 - Currency traders will have a lot to take in this week. Things kick off with manufacturing PMIs around the globe and then the foreign exchange market will digest key central bank policy decisions from the RBA and BOE respectively. There has been a growing speculation both central banks will be cutting rates this week, and it will be interesting to see if there is follow through. read more

FOMC, BOJ, UK GDP and Much More

Week of July the 25th, 2016 - A very light calendar in the early week and currency traders will be looking to global risk appetite and direction in US equities for clues into foreign exchange movement. The fist big release of the week comes Tuesday with Australia inflation data. Anything on the softer side will strengthen the prospect for an RBA rate cut next month. Attention then turns to Wednesday with UK GDP and the Fed rate decision standing out. read more

Geopolitical Risk An Added Wrench for Currency Traders

Week of July the 18th, 2016 - On the heels of this latest Brexit vote, which will continue to consume markets in the months ahead, we have seen more tragedy from terror attacks, this time in Nice, and an failed military coup in Turkey. read more

Bank of England, Bank of Canada and Key China, US Data

Week of July the 11th, 2016 - Currency traders will continue to focus on the implications from the Brexit fallout, though other themes are starting to come back into the centre after Brexit had dominated market attention for so long. Though Monday's economic calendar is light, there will be a good deal of trading around Friday's impressive US non-farm payrolls number which could force the Federal Reserve into a more hawkish line of thinking. read more

Article 50, Brexit, the Single Market and US Non-Farm Payrolls

Week of July the 4th, 2016 - The currency market is still trying to figure out how it all will unfold with Brexit and what impact the UK exit will have on the single market. But first things first, the UK will need to trigger Article 50 to initiate the exit process from the EU and right now, there is no clear indication when that will happen. read more

Brexit Implications Trump Regular Economic Calendar Events

Week of June the 27th, 2016 - Currency traders, market makers, hedge funds, quants, banks and retail participants will all be very focused on the implications of the shocking EU referendum result in favour of Brexit. The fact that Brexit is now in play has many wondering whether economic data is even that important, particularly out of the US, with the Federal Reserve now likely to scale back whatever the results of upcoming data. read more

EU Referendum and Brexit Risk Major Focus for Currency Traders

Week of June the 20th, 2016 - It's going to be a big week for the currency market, with all of the focus on the EU referendum and potential result. Finally, currency traders will get the closure they have been looking for and will learn if the UK votes for a Brexit, in favour of leaving the EU, or if the UK votes to remain in the European Union. read more

FX Volatility to Pick Up in Busy Week - USD, GBP and JPY in Focus

Week of June the 13th, 2016 - Currency traders and market makers will have their hands full this week. The EU referendum is one week out and risk of Brexit is a hot topic. Clearly Thursday's Bank of England monetary policy decision will play an important role, with the central bank potentially upgrading risks associated with an EU exit in the BOE Minutes. But the Fed policy timeline is another major theme that will move markets and ahead of Wednesday's Fed decision, we get an important US retail sales print that could factor into this timeline. US CPI readings are out later in the week, while other event risk including the Bank of Japan policy decision should not be overlooked. read more

Currency Traders Reflect on Yellen, Digest RBA, RBNZ Policy Decisions

Week of June the 6th, 2016 - There aren't a whole lot of first tier economic calendar releases this week, but the ones we get are definitely market moving in nature. Two key interest rate decisions stand out, with the Reserve Bank of Australia on Tuesday, followed up by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand early Thursday. Canada employment is out on Friday and will be one to watch, though initially, it's an appearance from Fed Chair Janet Yellen that will have the market on tenterhooks. Last week's shockingly weak US employment report now has many pushing off Fed bets from this summer and it will be interesting to see if this sentiment is confirmed by Yellen on Monday. read more

US Monthly Employment Report Stands Out in Busy Week

Week of May the 30th, 2016 - The economic calendar starts off rather light in holiday Monday trade, though it all picks up nicely as the week progresses. Everything culminates on Friday, with the release of the US monthly employment report. Currency traders and global investors will be paying close attention to the results, with the data to likely have a meaningful influence on Federal Reserve rate hike expectations. Other important data this week includes German CPI, German employment, Eurozone inflation, Canada GDP, the US personal consumption expenditure, China manufacturing, Aussie GDP, New Zealand whole milk prices, US ISM manufacturing, the ECB policy decision and US ISM manufacturing. read more

Currency traders look to US durable goods, GDP

Week of May the 23rd, 2016 - Market makers will be busy this week, with currency traders taking in a healthy dose of economic data. The Fed did a good job catching the market off guard in the previous week, after releasing a hawkish Fed Minutes showing the central bank's willingness to lean more to the hawkish side, leaving the door open for an interest rate hike in June. read more

Money managers reconsidering Federal Reserve timeline

Week of May the 16th, 2016 - The US Dollar has been gaining momentum in May, after having been beaten up for a good portion of early 2016. The primary drivers behind the resurgence in demand have been more hawkish Fed commentary and solid US economic data. We are now coming off impressive US retail sales and Michigan confidence readings, which have fueled this latest round of Dollar demand into the new week. read more