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Exchange quality execution (avg 0.5ms)

Every Bank Member benefits from exchange quality execution

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LMAX InterBank trading technology

Tried, tested and FX industry proven - our unique, robust, scalable enterprise class technology is at the core of LMAX InterBank.

We have over 50 software technologists permanently focused on refining and improving all aspects of LMAX InterBank ultra-low latency technology - employing the very latest techniques to ensure high software quality, through Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment.

Reliable and robust platform

Providing unparalleled flexibility and scalability our CI private cloud system constantly runs a battery of over 14000 functional, acceptance, security and performance tests against the code base to ensure, monitor and improve quality of trade execution.

This is matched with the use of industry leading automated deployment and server configuration management to ensure that the LMAX InterBank platform matches the code in quality of build.

Technology key differentiators

  • Ultra-low latency matching engine - see real-time snapshot of Bank Member latency
  • Superior exchange performance, built for scale
  • High throughput >100k messages/second
  • Sustained processing capacity 40k orders/second
  • Award-winning proprietary technology, (e.g. Disruptor) = max. performance

Latency, capacity and resilience

  • Average LMAX InterBank latency of 0.5 ms - how we measure latency
  • High capacity achieved through a distributed, transactional service oriented architecture based on high performance publish and subscribe messaging
  • High availability is achieved through resilience at all levels
  • Scalable architecture with room for growth to meet increasing demand

LMAX Exchange's award-winning trading technology underpins LMAX InterBank and ensures all participants receive exchange quality execution - with ALL orders matched and processed, without exception on a strict price/time priority basis.

What's so special about LMAX Exchange technology?

The ‘Disruptor’ is just one of several projects we have open-sourced over the years. It may be our best known, but it is not the only one learn more

You can explore more at this link - where you can download both code and user guides: