LMAX Exchange has launched a new matching engine and liquidity pool in New York (Equinix, NY4) - built specifically for funds, banks, proprietary trading firms, brokerages and asset managers.

LMAX Exchange NY4 delivers the unique benefits of proven, exchange quality anonymous execution, pre/post-trade transparency and a secure level playing field to all market participants.

  • Pure exchange matching environment for spot FX
  • No ‘last look’, anonymous execution, clear rulebook
  • Real-time, full order book market and trade data
  • Bilateral Prime Brokerage clearing model

The exchange execution model is the most efficient and cost effective way to trade very liquid products, like spot FX. In an industry currently driven by regulatory reforms, LMAX Exchange has become the global leader in delivering a transparent, neutral, level playing field for all participants in the FX market.

Based on the proven, reliable, award-winning FX matching technology, the LMAX Exchange NY4 matching engine delivers superior connectivity, ultra-low latency execution and real-time streaming market and trade data for ALL participants - regardless of status, size or activity levels.