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Where next for FX?

FX-MM, July 2013 - Recent research published by Aite Group has provided some interesting insights into the trajectory of the global FX market, not least what it will take for venues to remain competitive. We speak to David Mercer, CEO, LMAX Exchange, to get his views on the future of FX.

FX-MM: Broadly speaking, what do the next five years hold for the FX market’s growth prospects do you think?

DM: FX is only going to go north of here. Aite Group’s ‘Global FX Market Update 2013: Increased Market Transparency, More Competition’ report predicts that the spot FX market will reach US$2.2 billion in daily turnover by 2016, up 35% from 2010 levels. I personally think that may be a little conservative and I’d actually expect us to see as much as 50% growth in the next 3-4 years.

Overall, growth is going to be driven by certain geographies, including Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific. As an industry, I don’t think we’ve even really scratched the surface of the market in Asia – everyone knows about Japan and its percentage share but I imagine that there will be a lot of growth from countries such as India, too. China is a slightly grey area because of its regulatory regime, but we are seeing a great deal of interest from the Chinese territories. The advent of mobile technology makes these geog raphies far more accessible, as we have seen in Africa, for example.

In short, the historic FX hubs are going to shift away from the Western World – whether that happens in the next three years, or the next ten years, only time will tell. Another driver of growth is traders from other asset classes starting to trade FX. Historically, FX was not regarded as its own asset class – it was simply something that needed to be done for hedging purposes or revenue conversion, for example. We’re still in a very low interest rate environment and this means that FX has become a credit-driven market. So we’re now seeing fund and asset managers who traditionally used equities, futures and indices, looking at FX as a way to put their credit strategies in play.

FX-MM: How are client requirements and behaviours changing as a result of this?

DM: If you trade equities, futures, or indices right now, you’re used to trading on exchange, with an open order book. You see the price and see you the depth. With FX, there is not only a plethora of venues, but the pricing varies according to relationships, too. Then you have the ‘last look’ concept where the price provider has the ability to reject certain trades if the price has moved by the time it gets to the trade server.

LMAX Exchange is the only venue, apart from those in the inter-bank space, where there is no ‘last look’ as standard. This means that there are no re-quotes or rejections and the client receives a much smoother, better quality execution, as you would expect in other asset classes – the price you see is the price you get.

Outside of clients from other asset classes, there are changes taking place in the typical FX client profile as well: traders are able to access more and more products; their models are getting increasingly smart; and they have quicker, better access to market data and information. There is also a much higher incidence of clients – from retail through to institutional – using algo trading in order to obtain ‘best execution’.

Elsewhere, clients are becoming much more demanding, and rightly so, around service levels and accessibility. So to remain competitive, providers need to offer flexibility and a range of access channels. For instance, you can access LMAX Exchange via three different APIs; via our own UI, three (soon to be four) third party UIs; and we cater to all of the mobile applications and platforms.

FX-MM: Were there any surprising statistics or trends coming out of the Aite Group report?

DM: One of the very surprising things for me was the balance between the growth of algo execution and the percentage of the FX market that is still voice-broked or RFQ. Of course there are some reasons behind this, but I think that the evolution towards electronic trading will continue across all FX instruments.

Another interesting debate sparked by the report is ‘what is high frequency trading’? It seems to get a bad name and I’m not sure that everything that is put in the HFT bracket is necessarily to the market’s detriment.

Is algorithmic trading a sub-set of HFT or vice versa? Is there really much difference between the behaviour of HFTs and banks? These are interesting questions that I don’t believe have been properly addressed as yet.

Finally, I was amazed to discover from the report that some of the primary venues for price discovery send out so little market data, or so few price updates, in a modern world that can certainly accommodate more. Sending out updates every 100 milliseconds does not constitute real-time. At LMAX Exchange, real-time means real-time!

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