LMAX Exchange trading technology

Unique, robust and scalable technology is at the core of LMAX Exchange – we continuously focus our expertise on refining and improving all aspects of LMAX Exchange technology.

Our revolutionary and minimalist approach to technology, architecture and technology-related processes are a careful blend of in-house intellectual property and the most up-to-date best practice, with one aim in mind – optimised execution quality.

Technology key differentiators

  • Ultra low latency matching engine
  • Superior exchange performance, built for scale
  • High throughput >100k messages/second
  • Sustained capacity to process 5k orders/second or 400 million orders/day
  • Award winning, in-house developed ‘Disruptor’ technology – maximising performance
  • LMAX Exchange utilises a range of open source technologies
  • Key LMAX Exchange technologies including Disruptor have been open-sourced

Latency, capacity and resilience

  • Average trade latency of 3 ms
  • Average MTF latency of 1.5 ms
  • High capacity achieved through a distributed, transactional service oriented architecture based on high performance publish and subscribe messaging
  • High availability is achieved through resilience at all levels
  • Scalable architecture with room for growth to meet increasing demand
  • Measuring Latency on LMAX Exchange

Reliable and robust platform

We employ the latest techniques to ensure high software quality, including test driven development, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment.

Our CI private cloud system constantly runs a battery of over 6000 functional, acceptance, security and performance tests against the code base to ensure, monitor and improve quality of execution.

This is matched with the use of industry leading automated deployment and server configuration management to ensure that the platform matches the code in quality of build.