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  • What to make of the return of risk on flow

    The market has been looking for any excuse to sell the US Dollar and buy back into stocks. On Thursday, it got what it was looking for, in the form of a soft run of US economic data, highlighted by a downward revision to the personal consumption component of GDP. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD […]

  • Mild profit taking on Dollar longs

    Most of the price action into the North American open is about some position squaring from shorter-term accounts. The US Dollar has run hard and fast over the past several sessions, and with plenty of US data ahead, these traders don’t want to get caught as victims to any sharp reversals. Wrap-Up Call

  • Stagflation risk ramping up

    US yields continue to drive higher in the face of a Fed monetary policy outlook that continues to press higher for longer, despite escalating growth concerns. Fresh yearly highs in the price of oil and a sixth session of declines in banking and real estate stocks have only added to stagflation fears. Audio Update Technical […]

  • Investors less bullish as Buck continues to run

    US equity futures have been trying their best to recover from Tuesday’s sharp setbacks but haven’t been able to muster much at all. It seems all of the price action in the currency market could be preventing investors from wanting to be too aggressive in buying any dips. Wrap-Up Call

  • Can’t escape the doom and gloom

    Investors are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the prospect of higher for longer policy in the US at a time where there continues to be legitimate concerns about the health of the economy. All of this also comes at a time where monetary policy divergence between the Fed and other major central banks has become more […]

  • Kashkari fuels more US Dollar demand

    We’re seeing more US Dollar demand and downside pressure on risk assets into the North American open on this Tuesday. The latest moves come on the back of hawkish comments from Fed Kashkari. Wrap-Up Call

  • Yield differentials continue to lean to US Dollar

    The market is back to worrying about slowing growth in the US, though this hasn’t been enough to inspire much change in overall price action. Indeed, year-end Fed funds trade at 4.65%, versus Fed forecasts of 5.1%. But ultimately, the Fed has continued to go against the will of the market. Audio Update Technical highlights […]

  • Takeaways into the end of the week

    As we head into Friday, there are two important takeaways from developments this week. The first is that higher for longer Fed policy is something investors need to consider more seriously. The second is that while the Fed has been talking about a solid economy and higher for longer, we haven’t exactly been getting the […]

  • Monetary policy divergence becoming a bigger deal

    Things kick off into the North American open with the Bank of England holding rates at 5.25% by the slimmest of margins. The Pound has since come under another round of intense pressure, with many market participants caught off guard by the news. Wrap-Up Call

  • Fed refuses to bend to the will of the market

    No surprise to see the market reaction in the aftermath of Wednesday’s Fed decision. We had warned the balance of risk was tilted this way in our special report and indeed this is how things have played out. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Extends run of declines GBPUSD Strong support into 1.2000 USDJPY Closing in […]

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