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  • A little more tension into Friday

    The US Dollar is up across the board against its peers over the past week, benefiting from the combination of a better looking outlook in the US and flight to safety bids associated with risk off flow around the coronavirus. Only GOLD has bested the Buck over this time horizon. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD […]

  • Where we’re at in financial markets right now

    If we’re to look at the big picture right now it’s this. Investor sentiment has held up incredibly well yet again, in the face of an unforeseen risk to the global economy. And the US Dollar is broadly bid on the back of contrasting data which shows things looking a lot better in the United […]

  • The hammering of the Yen

    There weren’t any major surprises from the Fed Minutes as we had expected and the market didn’t spend much time dwelling on the central bank event risk. Instead, most of the attention in markets was on the ongoing commitment from China to provide stimulus to offset fallout from the coronavirus. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD […]

  • Fed Minutes Preview

    The market will take in the Minutes from the Fed’s latest meeting later today, though we don’t expect much volatility around the event risk. While there have been some stumbling blocks within US economic data in recent months, overall, things haven’t been all that bad, and certainly not enough to justify more accommodation. Audio update

  • The never ending money printing exercise

    An ongoing commitment to provide stimulus in response to coronavirus fallout has been helping to keep stocks propped up at every turn. Investors continue to neglect the implications of this never ending global money printing exercise and until they do, it seems this is a trend that will persist. Fed Minutes due later today. Audio […]

  • Gloomy return for North American markets

    US markets return from the long holiday weekend having to contend with a downturn in risk sentiment. The Euro and Aussie have been under pressure on Tuesday, while the Pound is showing just how resilient it can be. Wrap-Up Call

  • V-shaped recovery or not?

    It’s been a back and forth affair as far as assessing coronavirus fallout goes. Into Tuesday, investors are back to being apprehensive about the outlook as headlines prove to be less favourable. Tech giant Apple has come out with guidance that it doesn’t expect to meet its revenue target for Q1, while HSBC has announced […]

  • China remains committed to stimulus efforts

    China remains committed to stimulus efforts to offset fallout from the coronavirus and has come out with its latest gesture, cutting the 1-year medium-term lending rate by 10 basis points. This has helped to keep risk sentiment elevated, though at the same time, we’ve yet to see any burst of fresh demand for stocks. US […]

  • Record shares and a slumping Euro

    Just a quick heads up that trading conditions may already thin out later today in the US session, with many traders already heading for the exit doors for the Presidents’ Day long holiday weekend. The coronavirus has been the central theme in markets and will continue to be into the weekend. Audio update Technical highlights […]

  • Will US stocks shrug off the latest virus fears?

    Updates around the coronavirus and potential fallout continue to consume investor attention, with risk markets back under a little pressure, easing off from this latest record run. The latest reports out of China have been unsettling, with the death toll rising, along with a spike in new reported cases. Wrap-Up Call

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