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  • Were the Fed Minutes more dovish leaning?

    The Fed Minutes have come and gone, and in the end, no major surprises in the central bank communication. On the surface, the Fed followed through with the message it conveyed at the July decision, when it cut rates for the first time since 2008. However, digging a little deeper, there was evidence of some […]

  • Fed Minutes Preview

    Back in July, the Fed put a stamp on its 180 policy reversal after it cut rates 25 basis points, introducing the first rate cut since inception of the 2008 financial markets crisis. Coming into 2019, it was a much different picture over at the Fed, with the conversation more about rate hikes and how […]

  • US Dollar Relents into Mid-Week

    We come into the mid-week with the US Dollar relenting after extending its recent run on a broad basis, as per the US Dollar Index. Tuesday economic data didn’t factor all that much into price action, though we did see the Euro manage to do a better job handling selling pressure from Italian political uncertainty. […]

  • Angela Props Up the Pound

    Angela Merkel was behind some late volatility in the FX market, with her comments fueling a round of Pound demand after talking about practical solutions to the Irish backstop. This opened the door for position squaring in the UK currency, with a very short market lightening up on that short exposure. Wrap-Up Call

  • Summer doldrums

    We’re coming out of a very quiet summer Monday in which markets weren’t inclined to be moving all that much, falling victim to the doldrums of this time of year. Currencies continue to chop around, while stocks are also into a form of consolidation, despite evidence of increased downside pressure. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD […]

  • Euro looking for stimulus pop

    Risk markets are feeling better as the week kicks off, with the moves coming from the latest communication from President Trump that talks were ongoing with China. The Euro has done a good job holding up on Monday despite the latest Bundesbank report which shows there is risk the German economy could shrink again in […]

  • What will be with financial markets this week?

    We enter the new week with currencies mostly back on the offer against the US Dollar, though ultimately, still confined to familiar ranges, with no clear insight into the next big move. The Pound was the most interesting currency in the previous week, outperforming its peers, even trading higher against the Buck. Audio update Technical […]

  • Will the bear return on Friday?

    Will the bear return on this Friday to close up shop for the week? We’ve seen more downside pressure in stocks of late and there has been a clear tension with all of the downside risk out there in the global economy. Looking ahead, we get Eurozone trade and US reads including housing starts, building […]

  • Battered Pound get boost from UK retail sales

    What would Thursday be if it wasn’t a day where stocks were back in the green? This week as been an exercise in flip-flopping in the stock market. Monday was lower, Tuesday higher, Wednesday lower and now Thursday, the market is doing its best to see if it can close back up. Wrap-Up Call

  • Search for yield getting tougher

    It seems every time the market thinks the US administration is softening up on its trade stance, it is let down at the next turn. On Wednesday, all the optimism around the outlook for a trade deal between the US and China was deflated, with headlines reflecting a more downbeat bias about this prospect. Audio […]

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