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  • A dose of reality into the weekly close

    A lot of the run up in risk assets this week had been attributed to China media influence, though despite these efforts, there have been deeper underlying risks catching up into the weekly close. Those risks include the massive spike in coronavirus cases worldwide, and escalating global trade tension. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD Signs […]

  • The bigger the worry the higher stocks run

    There is plenty of reason to be concerned right now. Coronavirus cases are back on the rise in a big way, and all of this poses serious risk to recovery prospects in a global economy that’s already quite fragile. Wrap-Up Call

  • A tale of two markets

    There’s been a lot more concern about the shape of the global economic recovery, and yet, stocks continue to hold up exceptionally well, with the NASDAQ sitting at record highs. But the GOLD market has been telling a different story, reflecting a more worried outlook. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD Signs of longer term bottom […]

  • The case for GOLD

    The gold market continues to send a message that the outlook for the global economy is far more distressing than what stock market investors perceive. The yellow metal is trading at its highest levels since 2012 and is now within a stone’s throw of the record high from 2011. Wrap-Up Call

  • Warning signs from the GOLD market

    The resurgence in coronavirus cases has resulted in some risk off flow into Wednesday, though at this stage, the moves have been relatively mild. US equities continue to trade just off record highs, despite all of the uncertainty around the recovery outlook. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD Signs of longer term bottom GBPUSD Balance of […]

  • Cracks beneath the surface

    It feels like there’s a lot more distress in the global economy than financial markets are letting on, and this latest run up in stocks could be at risk of reversing course. The news of coronavirus perking back up around the globe has resulted in many countries reinstating various restrictions. Wrap-Up Call

  • Risk on run lacks substance

    Monday’s rally in global equities was perhaps a little perplexing, with many attributing the move to headlines out of China encouraging the bull market. But the US session returned from the long weekend and wasn’t as enthusiastic, not wanting to extend the run all that much and even selling stocks a little into the close. […]

  • Back to business as usual

    The big story on Monday is the resurgence in risk appetite, with global equities running higher along with currencies against the US Dollar, as investors shrug off any of that bearish price action we had seen into the weekly close. Wrap-Up Call

  • Stocks higher as the new week gets going

    Markets return to fuller form on Monday, with the US opening back up after the long holiday weekend. As things get going, we’ve seen a quick wave of demand for stocks, along with a concurrent, related round of selling of the US Dollar. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD Signs of longer term bottom GBPUSD Balance […]

  • Position squaring into long holiday weekend

    US NFPs came in above forecast and the reads in the monthly employment report continued to move in the right direction. However, there wasn’t much of a reaction in markets, with participants perhaps dissuaded by softer accompanying US data releases, or perhaps wanting to square up into the US long holiday weekend. Audio update Technical […]

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