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  • Don’t expect much reaction to today’s US jobs report

    Investor sentiment remains weighed down overall into the end of the week, as coronavirus fallout continues to cripple global markets. Thursday’s shocking jump in US initial jobless claims to a gargantuan record print of 6.6 million, is only making the reality of the impact of the pandemic that much intense. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD […]

  • About US jobless claims and OIL

    Two interesting storylines out there at the moment, as far as short term price dynamics are concerned, are the record surge in US initial jobless claims data, and 18 year lows in the price of OIL. We break these stories down in this special report. Audio update

  • Extended lockdowns unsettle markets

    Into Thursday, coronavirus fallout continues to paint an ugly picture for the global economy. A distressing outbreak in the US, higher death tolls in France and Spain, extended lockdowns in Italy and Germany, and reports China concealed the extent of the outbreak are all contributing to the sour mood. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD Still […]

  • Sour tone to start Q2

    President Trump has warned of a painful two weeks ahead, as the US attempts to contain the virus. Projections in the US have the overall death toll between 100 and 240k, even with the current measures in place. Economic releases and data have been shrugged off on Wednesday. Wrap-Up Call

  • Gloomy start to the second quarter

    We’re into the second quarter of 2020 and as we get going, things have soured. We had seen a wave of risk on price action in the days leading up to the end of Q1, but worry associated with coronavirus fallout continues to weigh heavily on investor sentiment. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD Still looking […]

  • Any hope for OIL?

    We’re down to the final hours of Q1 2020 and volatility could very well pick up into the close. There were reports of month end, quarter end Dollar demand and we’ve definitely been seeing some of that on Tuesday. As far as stocks go, things have been calm but supportive overall. Wrap-Up Call

  • Light at the end of the Q1 tunnel?

    There’s plenty of concern about coronavirus fallout in the months ahead and the impact on the global economy. But as we get set to close out Q1, the market is feeling a little better. There’s no doubt that the market is feeling better about the barrage of global stimulus in March, but it’s hopes of […]

  • Should we expect another dip in the Dollar?

    Markets are off to a quiet start this week, especially when considering all of the turmoil around coronavirus fallout and month end, quarter end flow. Stocks are trading roughly around where we closed out on Friday, with a slight bid, while currencies are understandably giving back some of the healthy gains that we had seen […]

  • Month end, quarter end flow works into mix

    It’s been a volatile month of trade for global markets and things could get even more volatile as we head into month end quarter end. Investors continue to worry about coronavirus fallout and the potential for a longer term impact on growth, though for the time being, all of the stimulus, has helped to stabilise […]

  • Why the US Dollar came crashing down

    What a difference one week makes. A week ago, currencies were down across the board, and in a big way against the Buck. But as we look at five-day performance against the US Dollar on this Friday, it’s a completely different picture. Currencies are all now up, and impressively against the Buck. So what accounts […]

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