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  • Pound headed for wild Monday open

    We’re heading into weekend event risk associated with Brexit that will more than likely result in some form of a gap open when markets open up on Monday. What hangs in the balance is a Parliament vote on a Brexit deal that Boris Johnson was finally able to secure with the EU. Audio update

  • Plenty of momentum, plenty of hurdles

    Lots of positive momentum towards a deal, but also plenty of hurdles to overcome. This is the theme in markets right now. Some might associate this theme with updates on the global trade front, while others might identify this theme as being directly connected to the Brexit outlook. Wrap-Up Call

  • Waiting to find out if these deals get done

    We’re coming out of a quiet holiday Monday that had Japan, the US and Canada in holiday mode. There hasn’t been a whole lot of change in market levels since last Friday’s close, though what little we have seen, has been more risk off. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD Turning up off major support GBPUSD […]

  • Pound gives back a little, mild risk off flow

    Monday was a quiet day in markets, a lot of that having to do with the holidays in Japan, the US and Canada. Whatever action we did see, was mostly around the Pound, with the currency initially giving back some gains from the surge in the latter half of last week, before finding solid demand […]

  • Will the good vibe train keep rolling this week?

    Global equities were bought back up in the previous week, helped along by the more upbeat outlook on the global trade front. And this wasn’t the only place markets were feeling better. Monday’s calendar is exceptionally thin. US and Canada desks will be light on account of holidays in the respective countries. Audio update Technical […]

  • How much can the market optimism be trusted?

    It’s been a week of optimism in markets. The outlook on the global trade front has been improved, with US-China updates sounding a lot more deal friendly, while over on the Brexit front, talk of a possible pathway towards a deal before the end of the month, has been a major relief. Audio update Technical […]

  • Today, we’re feeling better about trade

    Investors are feeling better on Thursday, with plenty of good will going around on the trade front. The latest reports have the White House considering a suspension of a tariff increase to China as a part of a currency pact. Wrap-Up Call

  • US-China updates driving markets

    Overall, price action has been subdued, with global markets coming out of a very quiet Wednesday session of trade. What little updates we have seen have been risk positive, as headlines come through of China still being open to a partial trade deal with the US, and US sources confirming talks are ongoing. Audio update […]

  • US Dollar weak, Pound even weaker

    Investors haven’t been feeling great about news the US administration has placed eight Chinese technology companies on a US blacklist for human rights violations. Looking ahead, the market will get another dose of the Fed Chair. On Wednesday, the Fed Minutes stand out as the main calendar event of the day. Wrap-Up Call

  • 3 major themes impacting global markets

    There are three major themes influencing markets at the moment, which include global trade, Fed policy expectations and the Brexit outlook. Updates on these fronts will be what shape the direction we take over the coming days, weeks and months. Audio update Technical highlights EURUSD Additional downside limited GBPUSD Looking to establish major base USDJPY […]

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