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Apply for an LMAX Global account

LMAX Global services brokers, institutional and professional trading clients worldwide. During the application process, depending on residency and eligibility, you will be presented with the most appropriate account options for your trading needs.

Please note: before we can open your account, we are required to verify your identity and country of residency. If you are an individual and a resident of the UK, Sweden, Germany or Canada, the details you submit to us will be checked by a third party credit agency. This is not a credit check and will not show on your records.

If we are unable to identify you electronically, we will request further documentation to complete your application.

Once your account is open we may also ask you to provide further documentation, such as evidence of funds, to support your trading activity.

Please provide us with your details to complete your client classification and application:

As a Professional client, please tick a minimum of two criteria that support your Professional classification: