FX and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading leveraged products with LMAX Global. You should consider whether you understand how these products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Weekend FX - EURUSD & USDJPY - available now

Streaming firm limit order liquidity only

Hedge FX exposure when there’s no underlying market

Respond to market dislocations in a timely manner

Capitalise on market opportunities over the weekend

Don’t wait until markets open on Sunday evening

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Weekend FX – now trade FX -7 days a week

LMAX Global offers Weekend FX trading, enabling market participants to capitalise on FX movements over the course of a weekend, or hedge their FX exposure when there is no underlying market available, without having to wait for the market to open on Sunday Night.


Weekend FX instruments key facts

    What are Weekend FX instruments?more

    Weekend FX instruments are rolling CFDs enabling clients to trade on FX movements over the weekend and hedge their FX exposure.

    Weekend FX instruments are offered Monday to Sunday between 17:05 to 17:00 EST/EDT.

    Trading of Weekend FX instruments will not affect clients’ weekday positions. close

    Which FX instruments are offered?more

    Name Symbol Security ID Margin Contract size Tick size Tick size
    EUR/USDw 4201 1% 10,000 0.00001 USD0.10
    USD/JPYw 4204 1% 10,000 0.001 JPY10


    Key Information Document – Weekend FX download

Open a Weekend FX account

Weekend FX service is currently only available to clients of LMAX Global UK and new independently funded account is required to access Weekend FX instruments.

Both accounts will remain independent, with trades on one account not offsetting or adding to the other, either in terms of position or margin requirements. Realised profits and losses on your Weekend FX account can be transferred back to your existing LMAX Global account when requested.


Trading example

Trade example
Client opens a 10 contract trade in EURUSD at 1.10000, giving a notional value of $110,000. Client chooses to hold the position through to market close. At market close on Sunday the price is 1.10500, resulting in an unrealised profit of $500 ($110,500).

Settlement process explainedmore

The position remained open at market close, it goes through the settlement process using the average of the midpoint price of the LMAX Global FX instruments between 17:10-17:30 EST/EDT on Sunday – therefore the settlement price is calculated as 1.10550.

Settlement price
The position is then closed at 1.10550, realising a profit of $550 on the account. close

Connectivity and access

Connectivity: Cross connect at Equinix LD6 and via internet
Access: LMAX GUI, mobile, API (Java/.Net), FIX 4.2 /4.4, ITCH market data