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  • Mild US Dollar selling in light session

    Not much activity out there as the week gets going. What we’ve seen is some mild profit taking on Dollar longs, though the US Dollar remains firmly in the driver’s seat. On the equities side, stocks remain weighed down ahead of the US open. Wrap-Up Call

  • US equities respond to harsher reality

    Last week, we warned the US equity market could be on the verge of rolling over in the aftermath of a run of US inflation data that pointed to less investor friendly, higher for longer Fed monetary policy. The US Dollar had reacted accordingly, pushing higher across the board, all while stocks managed to initially […]

  • Monetary policy divergence back in focus

    Thursday’s US producer prices came in hot, while retail sales were solid and well above forecast. What this means is that the Fed is still in position to be tightening, which on net, should translate to more US Dollar demand. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Closer to finding higher low GBPUSD Strong support into 1.2000 […]

  • Special Report: Tough decision for the ECB

    We get a healthy batch of US economic data today, though the key standout on the calendar is the European Central Bank decision. Heading into the decision, the narrow consensus call is for the ECB to leave interest rates unchanged. This will be the first time the central bank will leave things as is since […]

  • Mixed US inflation data triggers profit taking on Dollar longs

    Wednesday’s highly anticipated US CPI release proved to be somewhat of a non-event for the market. This was reconciled by the fact that the data came in mixed with headline inflation rising for the first time in six months, while core inflation sunk to its lowest since September 2021. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Closer […]

  • Bracing for the impact of US CPI

    As we head into the North American open on this Wednesday, the US Dollar is bid across the board. There have been attempts to sell the Dollar this week, but as of yet, these efforts continue to fall short. Wrap-Up Call

  • All eyes on today’s US inflation data

    Attempts to cool the US Dollar earlier this week have fallen short, with the Buck back in the driver’s seat heading into some important US inflation data later today. We also get a healthy round of economic data out of the UK. Stocks are looking more cautious and oil has pushed to another yearly high. […]

  • Still appetite for US Dollars

    It didn’t take long for that US Dollar appetite to return. We had seen some selling of the US Dollar across the board, mostly likely inspired by various action out of China and Japan, though it seems that just isn’t going to be enough to fend off Dollar dip buyers. Wrap-Up Call

  • China, Japan fuel broad USD outflows

    Both China and Japan were out in their own ways stepping up their respective defenses of their currencies, with the moves inspiring broad based US Dollar outflows and renewed risk appetite in Monday trade. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Closer to finding higher low GBPUSD Strong support into 1.2000 USDJPY Well supported on dips AUDUSD […]

  • Yellen helps to boost sentiment

    One of the big stories into Monday has been around comments from the BOJ Governor in which he alluded to the possibility for the end of negative interest rate policy. We had seen some heavy Yen demand on the back of this news and on broad based US Dollar selling. Wrap-Up Call

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