• Streaming, real-time, full order book market data
  • Firm, limit order liquidity
  • Available to all clients, regardless of size or activity levels


  • Full order book market data via FIX (4.2/4.4) or binary protocol (ITCH)

Connection fee/month

LD4, NY4 & TY3 Fee
FIX connection fee per centre $500
SG1 Fee
FIX connection fee Free of charge

FIX data access fee/month* (real-time, full tick)

TOB $500 (fee waived at $2bn traded p/m)
3 levels $750 (fee waived at $4bn traded p/m)
5 levels $1,500 (fee waived at $7bn traded p/m)
10 levels $2,500 (fee waived at $10bn traded p/m)

*$250m p/m CLOB minimum requirement
Monthly fee allows data access to all global centres

FIX data access fee/month (real-time, updates every 25ms**)

TOB $500
Inactive client cross-connect port fee $1000 (per port p/m)

**25ms is a close approximation, and not a committed level of service
NEW CLIENTS will have FIX TOB data access fee waived for the first 3 months

ITCH market data access fee/month (LD4)

$20,000 Monthly minimum volume of $20bn required (aggressive/passive ratio target with minimum 30% passive)
$50,000*** Following months, if monthly target of $20bn and aggressive/passive ratios not reached

***This will increase to $75,000 p/m as of 1 Jan 2023
As of 1 Jan 2023 ITCH market data will no longer be available in NY4 , TY3 and SG1

LMAX Exchange monthly market and trade data fees (effective from 1 October 2022)download