• One public rulebook applied to all members
  • No ‘last look’ streaming, limit order liquidity
  • Pre-trade price transparency
  • Zero cost of rejection
  • Price improvement as standard
  • Real-time, full order book streaming market and trade data
  • Global exchange infrastructure – NY4, LD4, TY3


  • Precision time protocol achieves sub-microsecond clock accuracy through the network
  • All orders time-stamped in microseconds at several points from order receipt, gateways, matching engine to execution
  • Dye traces run through the execution pathway every 10 milliseconds to monitor consistency of order processing

  • LMAX Exchange London (LD4): All-to-All trading – more
  • LMAX Interbank London (LD4): Bank-to-Bank trading – more
  • LMAX Exchange New York (NY4): All-to-All trading – more
  • LMAX Exchange Tokyo (TY3): All-to-All trading – more

  • LMAX Exchange London (LD4) – download instrument list
  • LMAX Interbank London (LD4) – download instrument list
  • LMAX Exchange New York (NY4) – download instrument list
  • LMAX Exchange Tokyo (TY3) – download instrument list
  • Access: LMAX FIX 4.2/4.4, ITCH (market data)
  • Connectivity: cross connect at Equinix LD4, NY4, TY3, PoP at Interxion, Extranet / Hosted service providers – more
    London (LD4) Interbank (LD4) New York (NY4) Tokyo (TY3)
    LMAX Proximity LMAX Proximity LMAX Proximity LMAX Proximity
    Guavatech Guavatech Guavatech Guavatech
    BT Radianz BT Radianz BeeksFX BT Radianz
    BeeksFX BeeksFX UltraFX BeeksFX
    UltraFX UltraFX FCM-360
    TMX Atrium TMX Atrium FluentTech
    Fixnetix Fixnetix
    FCM-360 FCM-360
    FluentTech FluentTech
    FXeco Systems FXeco Systems

  • Price improvement as standard: avg. $9.5/million*
  • High fill rate: avg. 95%*
  • Order matching – internal exchange latency <80 μs
  • Sustained processing capacity: 100,000 orders/second
  • Examine our execution performance – here

*(based on LD4 limit orders – Q4, 2018)

  • Leading global banks BNP Paribas and J.P. Morgan are working with LMAX Exchange as credit intermediaries

  • Access to LMAX Exchange is available through multiple prime brokers. View the full list – here
    • BNP Paribas, Citibank, JP Morgan, NatWest Markets, Standard Chartered, Société Générale