Regulated by the FCA and hosted in Equinix LD4, the LMAX MTF enables trading of major equity indices on a central limit order book with streaming firm limit order liquidity and delivers fair, transparent, precise and consistent execution to all market participants.


  • LMAX FIX 4.2/4.4, ITCH (market data)
  • LMAX Proximity, cross-connect at Equinix LD4, PoP at Interxion
  • Integrated with leading connectivity providers ‐ more
    • BeeksFX
    • BT Radianz
    • Colt Prizmnet
    • Equinix Cloud Connect for cloud providers
    • FCM-360
    • Fixnetix
    • FluentTech
    • FXeco Systems
    • Guavatech
    • ICE/TMX Atrium
    • LiquidityConnect
    • Lucera
    • Pico
    • TNSi/NetXpress
    • UltraFX

  • LMAX Exchange London (LD4): MTF Member Brokerage Schedule ‐ more
    • Schedule operates on a flat fee basis.

    Maker/Taker schedule

    Taker commission ($ per $m) Maker commission ($ per $m)
    1.00 1.00