• Ultra-low latency matching engine
  • Superior exchange performance, built for scale
  • Sustained processing capacity: 100,000 orders/second
  • 7,000,000 risk calculations per second
  • Award-winning, in-house developed ‘Disruptor’ technology maximising performance
  • LMAX Exchange utilises a range of open source technologies
  • Key LMAX Exchange technologies including Disruptor have been open-sourced


  • Average exchange latency is under 80μs
  • High capacity achieved through a distributed, transactional service oriented architecture based on high performance publish and subscribe messaging
  • High availability is achieved through resilience at all levels
  • Scalable architecture with room for growth to meet increasing demand

  • Trading solutions – more
    London (LD4) Interbank (LD4) New York (NY4) Tokyo (TY3)
    Apama Apama First Derivatives Market Factory
    First Derivatives Broadway Market Factory SmartTrade
    Market Factory Market Factory SmartTrade FlexTrade
    SmartTrade Redline Trading Solutions FlexTrade FluentTech
    FlexTrade SmartTrade FluentTech OneZero
    FluentTech FlexTrade OneZero Exegy
    Itiviti FluentTech Exegy  
    OneZero Itiviti TradePoint  
    UL Link TradePoint CelerTech  
    Exegy Exegy    
    TradAir TradAir    

  • Connectivity solutions – more
    London (LD4) Interbank (LD4) New York (NY4) Tokyo (TY3)
    LMAX Proximity LMAX Proximity LMAX Proximity LMAX Proximity
    Guavatech Guavatech Guavatech Guavatech
    BT Radianz BT Radianz BeeksFX BT Radianz
    BeeksFX BeeksFX UltraFX BeeksFX
    UltraFX UltraFX FCM-360
    TMX Atrium TMX Atrium FluentTech
    Fixnetix Fixnetix
    FCM-360 FCM-360
    FluentTech FluentTech
    FXeco Systems FXeco Systems

  • Post-trade solution providers – more
    London (LD4) Interbank (LD4) New York (NY4) Tokyo (TY3)
    LMAX Drop Copy LMAX Drop Copy LMAX Drop Copy LMAX Drop Copy
    MarkitSERV/Deal Hub MarkitSERV/Deal Hub MarkitSERV/Deal Hub Traiana
    Traiana Traiana Traiana