LMAX Exchange is global leader in delivering a transparent, neutral, level playing field to all participants in the FX market:

  • Pre and post trade transparent execution, no ‘last look’ rejections
  • Open access: one public Rulebook with clear rules and charges for all participants
  • Price/time priority matching, all market participants access the same liquidity and market data
  • Precise trade execution and transparent cost of trade
  • Open order book, direct anonymous market access and trading on real-time streaming limit-order liquidity with no ‘last look’
  • Regulated, rules based trading environment
  • Headquartered in London, UK, LMAX Exchange is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Multilateral Trading Facility (“MTF”). MTF as defined in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MiFID”).
  • Industry recognised, award-winning LMAX Exchange proven, proprietary technology
  • Global exchange infrastructure through three independent matching engines located in London (Equinix, LD4), New York (Equinix, NY4) and Tokyo (Equinix, TY3)
  • Unparalleled execution quality - average trade latency <4 ms
  • With an internal latency of 100 μs, we deliver consistent and precise quality of execution which radically improves participants’ best execution objectives.
  • Award-winning technology - recognised for excellence and innovation
  • Our proprietary trading technology is recognised for excellence and innovation.
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