2023 TabbFORUM 40 Top Innovators in Financial Markets

LMAX Group CEO, David Mercer has been named, for the second year running in the TabbFORUM 40 Top Innovators in Financial Markets. The TabbFORUM 40 honors top innovators in capital markets, leaders whose blend of vision, strategy and execution sets them apart in applying technology for maximum advantage. This second annual list recognises the achievements and influence of 40 outstanding disruptors and difference-makers having the greatest impact at the intersection of finance and technology.

Innovation isn’t created in a vacuum, and it certainly isn’t everywhere all the time. But when the culture and environment are right, it can be a persistent force for growth and change in businesses and economies, ultimately for the benefit of societies well served by open competition. Financial services has come to embrace innovation as much as any other industry, certainly in parallel with technology, which in turn fuels this particular energy.

The TabbFORUM 40 are a diverse group representing various facets of finance. What they have in common is innovation as an essential ingredient in how their organisations excel. As modern as this phenomenon is, the TabbFORUM 40 includes companies that originated in the 18th century (a predecessor of BNY Mellon, and Intercontinental Exchange’s New York Stock Exchange) along with ventures less than a decade old (BMLL Technologies and Fireblocks among them).

Originally published in TabbFORUM by contributing editor, Jeff Kutler.

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