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LMAX Exchange: Game Changer?

Best Execution, January 2013 – London-based LMAX Exchange, the leading FSA regulated MTF for FX and metals, aims to bring market participants together in an anonymous, order-driven, and fully transparent manner. Best Execution asked David Mercer* what impact his business model has on delivering best execution in FX trading and to what degree this strategy anticipates future regulatory changes.

MiFID I attempted to define “best execution” for the equities market, but MiFID II failed to develop it further. In this context, what are the key differences between these two asset classes, and how would you define best execution in FX?

FX is the last major asset class to move to exchange trading. The regulatory proposals, such as MiFID II and Dodd Frank, are driving this change by requiring pre- and post-trade transparency and centralised clearing for standard FX derivatives.

LMAX Exchange is the leading FSA regulated MTF for FX and metals. It was established based on the vision that the exchange execution model is the most efficient and cost effective way to trade liquid products, such as spot FX. The exchange execution model is at the core of an MTF concept; just as on an exchange, orders are matched in price/time priority but trading is still bi-lateral with FX trades cleared through the prime broker network.

By offering an exchange style execution for spot FX, we address key industry challenges such as the lack of transparency of the true cost of OTC traded FX, and the lack of precise, consistent & reliable execution in FX trading.

How does your business model aim to achieve best execution, and can this be improved upon?

In the context of a single platform we achieve best execution for spot FX by delivering precise, consistent execution, pre- and post-trade transparency and a level playing field for all market participants. Unlike brokers, we don’t run risk to make money but just match orders, and we are different from ECNs in that the execution is order-driven against streamed, executable limit orders supplied by the general members, who don’t have the “last look” and ability to re-quote.

In addition, as an FSA regulated MTF, LMAX Exchange complies with the following MiFID obligations:

  • transparency – deals are published to all members;
  • and applied consistently across all members;
  • membership rules are described in the publicly available rulebook.

Given the competitiveness of the FX market and increasing fragmentation of liquidity, we focus on continuously improving the trading experience for both clients and liquidity providers. We invest in technology to further improve execution performance and increase liquidity by adding new general members.

You have been quoted as saying that your greatest strength is technology, and that you employ “disruptive” technology. What exactly do you mean by disruptive technology and what is the competitive edge it confers?

Our technology enables reliable, ultra-low latency execution. To date, we have the fastest FX trading technology with an average trade latency of under 3 milliseconds and internal exchange latency of 500 microseconds. In-house developed ‘Disruptor’ technology, partially Open Source, refers to our ultra-low latency matching engine that has been developed to maximise performance and has been recognised by the industry’s most prestigious awards – ‘Best Trading System’ at the Financial Sector Technology (FST) Awards and Oracle’s ‘Duke’s Choice’ Innovative Programming Framework award.

The buyside have traditionally not been early adopters of new technology or new platforms. How do you intend to win them over to your offering?

We only started focusing on the institutional FX segment a year ago and now over 50% of volumes are traded by buyside institutions – represented by proprietary trading firms, money managers and broker dealers hedging risk. These volumes are rising every month. Yes, it takes longer to get institutional buyside clients on-board, but once they start trading they stay because of the transparency, precision, consistency in execution and low latency that the platform delivers. The proof is our growth momentum in the industry – for the last 12 months our overall volumes and revenues have been growing consistently at over 20% per month.

Is your business model capable of stimulating demand from the buyside, and if so how?

Absolutely. New buyside relationships can be acquired directly, or through independent corporate brokers/agents, who advise buyside clients on best execution.

Your current structure would allow you to apply to be an SEF (Swap Execution Facility in the USA) or OTF (Organised Trading Facility in Europe). Is this where you expect the regulations to take you, and if so over what time frame?

Among FX products we currently offers only spot FX, which are out of scope for Dodd-Frank and MiFID II. However, if we were to offer non-spot FX, such as FX swaps and non-deliverable forward (NDF), we can apply to become a SEF in the US. If we pursue the strategy of product diversification, this is something that we may consider.

What opportunities do you see in becoming and SEF/OTF?

The opportunity is big. In my understanding more than half of the total US$4.4 trillion in FX daily trading volumes is subject to Dodd-Frank and MiFID II.

Over the next five years, what other regulatory changes do you foresee?

We see a gradual move to exchange style execution, central clearing and greater transparency.

Where do you see LMAX Exchange in five years time?

Our goal is to become the leading FX venue with a global presence and multiple exchanges.

*David Mercer, is CEO of LMAX Exchange. LMAX Exchange is the leading FSA regulated MTF for spot FX.

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LMAX Exchange Group is a dynamic, visionary and award-winning financial technology company. Recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing technology firms, LMAX Exchange is leading the transformation of the global FX industry to transparent, fair, precise and consistent execution. Operating one global marketplace for trading FX, metals, indices and commodities, LMAX Exchange delivers open access, transparency and a level playing field to all market participants.

LMAX Exchange Group offers all clients the ability to trade on LMAX Exchange central limit order book, driven by streaming no ‘last look’ limit-order liquidity from top tier banks and non-bank financial institutions. Servicing funds, banks, brokerages, asset managers and proprietary trading firms, LMAX Exchange offers an anonymous, regulated, rules-based trading environment, order execution in strict price/time priority, and access to real-time streaming market and trade data, enabling all market participants to control execution quality and total trading costs.

Offering a comprehensive range of instruments and ultra-low latency execution, LMAX Exchange operates a global FX exchange infrastructure with matching engines in London, New York and Tokyo.

LMAX Exchange - a unique vision for global FX.

Financial technology awards:

2017 Best FX Trading Venue - (ECN/MTF) – Fund Technology and WSL Awards more

LMAX Exchange has been awarded The Fund Technology and WSL Awards “Best FX Trading Venue - ECN/MTF”. The award honours excellence among providers to the institutional trading industry. close

2016 Best Trading & Execution Technology – HFM US Technology Awards more

The HFM US Technology awards recognise hedge fund technology providers that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and innovative product development in the past 12 months. close

2013 Best Overall Testing Project – The European Software Testing Awards more

The European Software Testing Awards (TESTA) recognise excellence and innovation in the software testing and quality assurance across a variety of industries. close

2011 Best Trading System – Financial Sector Technology Awards more

The FST Awards recognise excellence and innovation in the field of information technology within the UK and EMEA financial services sector.close

2011 Innovative Programming Framework – Oracle Duke's Choice Awards more

Oracle’s Duke's Choice Awards celebrate extreme innovation in the world of Java technology and are granted to the most innovative projects using the Java platform. close

FX industry awards:

2018, 2017, 2013 Best Execution Venue – Forex Magnates Awards more

LMAX Exchange has been awarded the Forex Magnates Awards “Best Execution Venue”. The awards are granted to the top firms in their categories and announced at the annual London summit. close

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 Best FX Trading Venue - (ECN/MTF) – WSL Awards more

LMAX Exchange has been awarded The WSL Awards “Best FX Trading Venue - ECN/MTF” for four consecutive years. The awards honour excellence among providers to the institutional trading industry. close

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 Best Margin Sector Platform – Profit & Loss Readers' Choice Awards more

LMAX Exchange has been awarded The Profit & Loss Readers’ Choice Awards “Best Margin Sector Platform” for five consecutive years. These awards are voted on by the readers and recognise excellence within the foreign exchange industry throughout the previous year. close

2014 Best Infrastructure/Technology Initiative – WSL Institutional Trading Awardsmore

LMAX Exchange has been awarded The Wall Street Letter Institutional Trading Awards “Best Infrastructure/Technology Initiative” in 2014. WSL awards honour excellence among providers to the institutional trading industry. close

Business growth awards:

2016, 2015 Winner – Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 more

Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 is a ranking of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the UK, based on percentage growth of fiscal year revenues over the last four years. close

2016, 2015 Winner – Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 500 more

The Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 500 pre-eminent technology awards program is a ranking of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa's fastest-growing technology companies based on percentage revenue growth over three years. close

2015, 2014, 2013 Fastest Growing Tech Company in the UK – The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 more

LMAX Exchange has been recognised amongst the UK’s fastest growing technology firms for three consecutive years. Tech Track 100, compiled by Fast Track annually and published by the Sunday Times each September, lists Britain’s 100 fastest-growing private tech companies based on sales growth over the last three years. close

2015 Recognised as a Tech City Future Fifty company – Tech City UK Future Fiftymore

LMAX Exchange is part of the Future Fifty programme, focused on accelerating the success of high-growth tech businesses. close

LMAX Exchange Group is the holding company of LMAX Limited and LMAX Broker Limited.

LMAX Exchange is a trading name of LMAX Limited, which operates a multilateral trading facility, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (firm reference number 509778) and is a company registered in England and Wales (number 6505809).

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