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24 hour access with optimum connectivity

LMAX Exchange guarantees seamless integration and highest quality of trade execution

FX and CFDs are leveraged products that can result in losses exceeding your deposit.
They are not suitable for everyone so please ensure you fully understand the risks involved. View full risk warning

Flexible access to LMAX Exchange

LMAX Exchange offers clients a number of access methods - all developed to ensure highest quality of trade execution.

LMAX Exchange - industry compliant for seamless integration

  • Connectivity: Cross connect at Equinix LD4/5 and TY3, PoP at Interxion, Extranet and Internet
  • Access: API (Java & .Net), FIX 4.4, Web GUI, Mobile, MT4/5 Bridges, MultiCharts

Access methods in detail

LMAX Exchange Application Programming Interface (API) technology enables clients to automate trading in FX, Spot Commodities and Indices. Customisable Client Libraries are available in Java and .NET or our FIX protocol to simplify the integration.

LMAX Exchange FIX/API users benefit from:

  • Free direct access to all markets on LMAX Exchange
  • Ultra-low latency, anonymous trading
  • Secure protocol
  • Access up to 20 levels of market depth (via FIX only)
  • Access to a knowledgeable API technical support team
  • Risk-free testing in the LMAX Exchange demo environment

View the API schematic

  • Inactivity fees will apply each month unless the following thresholds are met:
    • Java/.NET/XML/JSON Minimums:
      • Deposited funds of $5,000 or other currency equivalents, AND
      • Trade a minimum of $5 million in notional value per month
    • FIX Protocol Minimums:
      • Deposited funds of $10,000 or other currency equivalents, AND
      • Trade a minimum of $25 million in notional value per month
    • Redistribution of Data:
      • Minimum commissions of $2,500 per month
    • Binary Protocol Market Data (ITCH)::
      • Trade a minimum of $10 billion per month
  • Inactivity fees: Java/.Net/XML/JSON - $60/month, FIX - $300/month, Redistribution - $2,500/month (if not paid in commission), Binary Protocol Market Data (ITCH) - $5,000/month.
  • After three consecutive months of inactivity, your account will be suspended.

To use LMAX Exchange APIs, you must:

  • Enter into a license agreement with LMAX Exchange - LMAX Exchange API Agreement.
  • Have access to the expertise to implement complex computer programs in the supported languages.
  • Understand you will be charged an inactivity fee if the minimum trading thresholds are not met.
.NET Please send an email to to request our LMAX .NET API
FIX Please send an email to to request our FIX Protocol library
Java Please send an email to to request our Java API
LMAX Exchange Instruments View LMAX Exchange Instruments list


Web trading learn more

LMAX Exchange web trading technology delivers clients:

  • Direct access to all LMAX Exchange markets
  • Low latency, anonymous trading
  • Streamlined efficient and superior execution
  • Easy to use and feature-rich professional User Interface

Download the Trading Manual


MultiCharts trading learn more

LMAX Exchange can be directly accessed by traders through MultiCharts trading technology. MultiCharts is a professional charting and automated trading platform, designed specifically for FX traders.

Through LMAX Exchange, clients can trade via MultiCharts and benefit from:

  • Direct access to all markets on LMAX Exchange
  • Trading in Micro lots
  • Native stop orders and contingent orders
  • High-definition charting and direct chart trading
  • Multiple DOM windows
  • Back testing and optimisation
  • EasyLanguage® compatibility
  • Entry and Exit automated trading
  • 64 bit format to enable unlimited computer memory usage
  • Compatibility with industry-standard TradeStation® EasyLanguage®: EasyLanguage® strategies can be customised, optimised and back tested prior to their implementation in the real market using the PowerLanguage editor.
  • Powerful and flexible charting: able to handle multi-symbol and multi-timeframe charts. Time-based and Count-based, as well as Bid or Ask based data series can be mixed within the same chart.
  • Market scanner tool: important for screening quotes and ranking the financial instruments that you monitor.

If you wish to get access to or have any further questions regarding MultiCharts, please contact MultiCharts directly –

New clients can register and purchase a license directly from MultiCharts, alternatively existing clients can simply select LMAX Exchange as the broker and proceed to use their usual LMAX Exchange login details. When purchased please select MultiCharts Beta version 8.5.

Please Note: 1 contract in MultiCharts represents 0.1 LMAX Exchange contracts (standard LMAX Exchange contract, 10,000 notional, will be 10 contracts in MultiCharts)

Setup and connect to LMAX Exchange

  1. When first opening MultiCharts Version 8, locate and right-click on the LMAX tab. Select “Edit LMAX profile” and proceed to enter your account credentials.
  2. On the “LMAX” tab right-click once more and select the “Connect LMAX” option.
  3. The connection is established when the button on the tab turns green in colour. This enables the charts to open and connect to LMAX Exchange’s data feed.
  4. Open a new chart window, select “LMAX” in the data source and select “Add”. Instruments can now be added and viewed on the charts by selecting “OK”
  5. Choose the instruments to be displayed in the selected chart. Further parameters such as resolution and date range can be chosen within the “Settings” tab.
  6. Upon completion of the chart upload, MultiCharts will be ready to view and test trade.


Mobile trading learn more

LMAX Exchange - instruments

MT4/5 Bridge providers

MT4/5 Bridge providers enable brokers to connect through their MT4/5 servers to all LMAX Exchange markets.

PrimeXM more

PrimeXM offers premium quality institutional grade solutions for MetaTrader4. PrimeXM can stream quotes via MT4 into liquidity providers and back to MT4 with thousands of real time executions per second.

For more information, please visit or call +41 44 500 9740 close

Gold-i more

Trading systems integrator, Gold-i, provides fast and reliable integration between retail and institutional trading systems on a global basis, automatically covering all retail broker risks with banks in real time. It connects MetaTrader to 27 external liquidity providers, giving retail brokers access to the same tools as institutional brokers.

For more information, please visit or call +44 1483 685410 close

oneZero more

oneZero Financial Systems provides low-latency software systems for the foreign exchange, commodities, and futures markets. oneZero also offers an array of risk management and back-office utilities that allow any broker, from start-up to established global leader, to provide better quality service to their clients via robust, flexible technology solutions.

For more information, please visit or call +1-888-703-4285 close

Rous Technology more

Rous Technology provides risk management software solutions for the brokerage and banking industry allowing them to automate their trading platforms order routing processes into their counterparty trading platforms.

For more information, please visit or call +371-66088019 close

Think Liquidity more

The proprietary ThinkLiquidity enterprise risk engines allow for real time A book, B book and C book management and trade execution. ThinkLiquidity is an international technology firm specializing in the foreign exchange and CFD markets and is built from the ground up with a focus on maximizing brokerage revenue.

For more information, please visit or call US: 1-800-986-9402 or AU: +61-280155041 close

Tools4Brokers more

MetaTrader-to-FIX Bridge connects servers to an external liquidity provider using the FIX protocol, which allows to hedge financial risks, synchronise prices with liquidity providers and benefit from this high-speed, robust solution with extensive functionality.

For more information, please visit or call +79 312 831 150 close

Fair Trading Technology more

Fair Trading Technology is a rapidly growing technology provider, creating new and innovative solutions for FX brokers and their clients. Our Integration Hub and T3 Broker Tools offer a suite of components to support your business, allowing you to manage all aspects of your business in one place.

For more information, please visit or call +44 203 318 0590 close

Managed Network Providers

Managed network/VPS providers enable brokers/professional traders to cross connect to LMAX Exchange at Equinix LD4/5. LMAX Exchange currently works with the following providers:

Fixnetix more

Fixnetix provides front-office managed services, ultra-low latency risk management, trading infrastructure and FIX as-a-service solution.

For more information, please visit or call +44 20 3008 8990 close

GuavaTech more

GuavaTech offers customised IT solutions, specialising in secure low latency trading infrastructure that encompass networks, colocation hosting services, exchange and liquidity pool access, ISV management.

For more information, please visit or call +1-312-604-4300 close

TMX Atrium more

TMX Atrium operates as a venue neutral infrastructure provider, offering highly-scalable connectivity between multiple markets and trading venues.

Fore more information, please visit or call +44 20 3194 2510 close