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  • All eyes on Fed Chair testimony

    We come into the North American session with the US Dollar under water after yesterday’s disappointing US services ISM data. The market is now bracing for the impact of the upcoming semi-annual testimony from the Fed Chair. Wrap-Up Call

  • Wednesday calendar stacked with first tier risk

    Price action across asset classes has been all over the place this week. The US Dollar has been tracking lower, while US equities have come under some pressure. Meanwhile, it’s bitcoin and gold that have been getting most of the attention as they rocket into record high territory. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Confined to […]

  • China growth target met with skepticism

    Currency and equity markets aren’t doing all that much right now, perhaps getting distracted by all of the action going on in the alternative store of value asset space. It hasn’t mattered whether we’re talking physical or digital. Both gold and bitcoin have been on fire, tracking back into record high territory. Wrap-Up Call

  • Bitcoin and gold taking the spotlight

    A lot of the attention in financial markets has been away from FX and stocks, with store of value assets old and new taking center stage. It seems the explosion in US debt has inspired many a trader to be looking for alternatives and those alternatives come in the form of gold and bitcoin. Audio […]

  • Absence of data puts focus on Fed speak

    We’re getting some mixed readings from the FX front into the North American open on this Monday, while US equity futures consolidate off record highs. Looking ahead, absence of US economic data will leave the focus on a Fed Harker appearance. Wrap-Up Call

  • A quiet start to the week

    Things have gotten off to a quiet start as the week gets going, though we have seen some movement that’s worth highlighting. Looking at the calendar for the remainder of the day, the only thing that really stands out is central bank speak from various ECB and Fed officials. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Confined […]

  • Currencies sideways, stocks turn back up

    On Thursday, we got a more dovish leaning twist from noted hawk Fed Bostic, who said it would be appropriate to consider cutting rates this summer. At the same time, any Dollar bearishness from such comments were offset by elevated US PCE. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Confined to major consolidation GBPUSD Focused on range […]

  • Yen sees some upside for a change

    Comments from BOJ Takata were in the spotlight today and have been playing a part in some rare Yen outperformance. Takata said the central bank’s price target was finally coming into sight, which the market took to mean the BOJ was that much closer to exiting ultra loose monetary policy. Wrap-Up Call

  • Market pricing and Fed pricing on the same page

    We haven’t seen all that much movement in markets over the past 24 hours. Volatility has come down, with currencies chopping around and US equities consolidating off record highs. The lackluster price action can be best reflected through a check in on OIS pricing which has held steady over the past week. Audio Update Technical […]

  • Economic outlook sours around the globe

    We’re seeing a healthy wave of risk reduction as we come into the North American open on this Wednesday. The New Zealand Dollar has been hit hardest after the RBNZ delivered a dovish hold. Wrap-Up Call

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