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  • Still plenty of worry out there

    Things have calmed just a bit as the week gets going, though it isn’t nearly enough to suggest we are out of the woods with respect to worry around the escalation in geopolitical tension. Wrap-Up Call

  • Minor relief as new week gets going

    That things didn’t get materially worse in the Middle East over the weekend has helped to stabilize markets a bit as the new week gets going. But overall, we’re in a place where risk assets are vulnerable to the combination of this escalation in geopolitical tension against a backdrop of stagflation risk. Audio Update Technical […]

  • Not the result investors were looking for

    The thing investors don’t want the Fed to be thinking about, is exactly the thing that has come back into the spotlight this week. Investors have been aggressively pushing for a Fed pivot towards more accommodative monetary policy, and yet, the Fed has resisted these calls. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Downside limited from here […]

  • Markets set to digest latest US inflation read

    As we head into the North American open on Thursday, markets are pretty much where we were when the day opened up. There had been some attempts to sell the US Dollar earlier in the day, but the Dollar has come back as the US session gets ready to get going. Wrap-Up Call

  • All eyes on US CPI data

    It’s been interesting to see risk markets supported in recent sessions. Stocks have been trading higher this week, even in the face of escalating geopolitical tension, higher than expected US producer prices data, and a Fed Minutes that has echoed a higher for longer Fed policy communication. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Downside limited from […]

  • Fed Minutes Preview

    Later today, we get the release of the latest Fed Minutes. As a reminder, the central bank has consistently let down market expectations for a shift towards more accommodative policy, instead keeping with its higher for longer policy track and not willing to rule out the possibility for additional rate hikes. Special Report

  • Latest wave of Fed speak leans dovish

    The market has been getting more help from Fed officials of late. Fed Bostic, Logan and Jefferson have all been on the wires this week offering up their views of a Fed that may have reached the limits of rate hikes. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Downside limited from here GBPUSD Strong support into 1.2000 […]

  • Making sense of the risk on flow

    Markets have been stable in the aftermath of the horrific weekend events. It seems there is some hope for stabilization and containment, which perhaps has helped to support risk assets somewhat. Wrap-Up Call

  • US market returns from holiday

    Markets will get back to fuller form on this Tuesday as the US returns from the holiday session. Interestingly enough, all of the escalation in geopolitical tension has resulted in Dollar selling and higher US equity futures. Audio Update Technical highlights EURUSD Downside limited from here GBPUSD Strong support into 1.2000 USDJPY Closing in on […]

  • Flight to safety in unsettling start to week

    We’re seeing a fresh wave of flight to safety as the week gets going, unfortunately on the back of the horrific weekend events in Israel. The US Dollar is up across the board, US equity futures have been hit, and commodities prices have been bid. Wrap-Up Call

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